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Saturday, August 4, 2012


INTRO TO ENCAUSTIC PAINTING      Hylla Evans (hylla@comcast.net)
Supplies to Start Encaustic Painting in Your Own Studio 

Remove any solvents or flammable materials from work area first!

BURN CREAM and access to cold water
absorbent painting supports (untreated wood, paper, bisqueware)
electric pancake griddle and extension cord
fan to exhaust fumes out the window and an open door or window to bring fresh air inside
glass cooking thermometer  (Keep wax paint under 220F.)
paper towels
non-stick muffin tins and loaf pans (flat bottoms, NOT cans from foods)
natural bristle brushes with wood handles (hake without metal are best)
scraping tools and pointed tools, spatula
natural unbleached beeswax (or medium can substitute)
encaustic paints and medium
heat glove
ladle  (for adding medium to paints)
propane torch with trigger start fitting TS-4000 BernzOMatic
"The Art of Encaustic Painting" by Joanne Mattera


  1. Hylla, so glad to see you are sharing valuable information on establishing standards of quality and safety for teaching encaustic painting. As a manufacturer, your knowledge of the material is important to current and future artists working with this ancient process in a contemporary setting. I will be sure to make this blog-post available to fellow artists and students.

  2. Ditto what Jane said. Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing.

  3. Thanks, Jane, Cheryl and Lynda. Use the information to help yourselves in teaching but please do not print it out or distribute in any way. That's what the copyright notice is for. Feel free to link to my posts but they are not to be copied as handouts or digitally.