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Monday, May 21, 2012


Here are twelve paintings in which lighting clearly sets the tone in the meaning of the piece and seems to carry the piece more than other elements of design.
Artists' names are hyperlinks to their websites. Most have informative statements there. They are all articulate and would love to hear from you.

Karen Frey, "Mountain View Cemetery III"
encaustic 30" x 20" 2012

Dayna Talbot, "Tuscan Glow"
encaustic and mixed media 16"x 16" 2012

Alexandre Masino, "Les Trois Nornes (Bijutsu)"
encaustic 14.5" x 21" 2012

Tiffany Johnson, "One of Those Days" 
oil 2012

Russell Thurston, "Fathom #2"
encaustic, oil dry pigment and aspen leaves
24" x 24" 2011 

Nash Hyon, "Long Shore (sun)"
encaustic with pigment print 12" x 12" 2011

Linda Cordner,  "End of Day"
encaustic  12" x 12"  2011

Leslie Ford, "Westward Look"
oil 20" x 20"  2011

Jane Guthridge, "Dancing Light"
encaustic 2011

Beverly Rippel, "State Street, Boston"
oil 14" x 11"  2012

Judith Parenio, "Night Fly"
encaustic 11" x 24" 2011

Leslie Neumann, "Angle of Re-entry"
oil and encaustic  36" x 48" 2011